Restaurant / Bar

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Online bookings and collections with granular menu creation


Menu Builder

Creating elegant branded menus, with sections for courses, and drag and drop menu items to order. Pricing with units, e.g. per dish per glass etc.

Online Reservations

Enable online reservations with a customised ResDiary tool.


Online Delivery and Collection orders

A quick pivot in Covid world to enable online delivery and collections utilising Slerp. Can be turned on/off as required, showing and hiding booking options.


Gift Vouchers

Enable the sale of gift vouchers using One Tree Software.


Content Builder

Build site content using custom blocks: Images, videos, text, headings, quotes, social media posts and more.

Custom Website

Live Preview

See what you're doing using a side-by-side view of the admin and website. View how the content looks on all devices: Desktop, tablet and mobile.

Craft CMS

Drag and Drop Content Ordering

Move content items up and down to manually order how they appear on the website.

Craft CMS

Related Content

Choose how your work is related to other content on the website. Keep site users flowing from one page to the next to find out more.

Custom Craft CMS

Email Campaign Builder

Ability to select from site content to build and send email campaigns to targeted mailing lists. Move content blocks around using drag and drop and add custom blocks.

Custom Craft CMS Email




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