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We communicate what you do:

  • Define your proposition.
  • Brand it.
  • Systemise it.
  • Promote it.
  • Learn and repeat.
Paul Wells, Director

Paul Wells, Director

Having trained as a photographer, and after a career in advertising (in production, account management and planning), I came to the world of start-ups.

Where I learnt what it takes to run a business.

Initially building 'Fat Free', an early wireless broadband start-up, I then helped a franchise network to extend the same branding and digital skills I had honed for both franchisor and many custom branded franchisees. Brandkits was born.

Since 2009 I have helped businesses grow by asking the right questions, making them look good (consistently), and giving them the tools for their teams to deliver. It works.

Brandkits is mostly me, with specialists brought in for projects as required.

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