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Building brands,
websites and businesses.

BrandKits works internationally for a range of clients, planning, designing and building websites in our All-in-One System, Adobe Business Catalyst. We believe in simplicity and usability, so if you're rebranding, relaunching or just refreshing, we'll take you from strategy to SEO and everything in between.

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Our work >

We build websites from the brand up, from your digital stationery to your e-commerce invoices.

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Planning >

We believe in practical planning, asking the right questions to capture everything that you are, and all you want to be, and then shaping this information to get a clear structure for what your business stands for, what is does and how it does it. The resulting Brand Map becomes the brief to design the brand, the website and your story.

Branding >

Brands can become tarnished over time, so before we design a site, we apply some polish to the brand. We rethink, redefine and then redesign the brand identity, and consistently apply it to all the touchpoints in your business, from your email signature to your invoice. We all judge books by the cover, so be credible, consistently.

Websites >

Your site is the hub of your brand, it represents who you are, what you do and how you do it. We design and build sites that are elegant, simple, usable, functional, and work on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles. From simple redesigns to multi-device responsive, we build sites that become the backbone of the business, in a system that you can manage.

All-in-One System >

Built by Adobe, mastered by us, our All-in-One system provides everything your business needs to operate online, from email accounts to e-commerce. It’s cloud based so you can access anywhere, and it’s being constantly evolved to keep your business at the cutting edge. It’s a system that you can grow into, but are unlikely to grow out of.

Search Engine Optimisation >

If people can’t find you, they can’t do business with you, so we make SEO a fundamental part of our process. Our objective is the ‘trifecta’, getting the right search terms in the page title, the page description and the page URL, submitting it to Google and then updating all search engines on a daily basis.

Social Media Optimisation >

SMO now goes hand-in-hand with SEO, so we set up your site with the tools and information that allow people to follow and share your business with their networks, building your fame and bringing people back to the site. Social media is an essential part of our overall mult-channel marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing >

Using our system’s built in email marketing, we create email templates that reflect your brand and enable you to send regular campaigns to promote, engage and bring your customers back to your site. With full email analytics you’ll know who opened your campaigns, on what device, and what they clicked on. 

Google Analytics >

We set up Google Analytics as standard on every site, and it becomes the central intelligence app for understanding your audience, your traffic, your content and your conversions. We use it to track performance, measure success and review how we can make sites better. It’s industry standard, it’s essential and it’s free.